A husband may feel he is not handsome enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not strong enough, too old or too young. All feelings of inferiority that make him feel something is missing in his life. Until he needed an injection of confidence from outside.
Unfortunately, often he looks for this form of appreciation outside the home, in the form of a woman other than his wife. Apart from that, if you want to know about a mysterious woman who is close to your husband, you may need to hire the trusted private investigator rock hill sc.

Lack of social support from friendship circles

The husband never considers social support from friends as important and expects all emotional social support from his wife. When his wife failed to fulfill one of these support needs, he looked for it elsewhere. This is where the third person is present.

Bitter childhood

A painful past, or a victim of violence during childhood to make it traumatized, can make a husband be unfaithful. He committed an affair, in response to incurable childhood trauma. This trauma can make him afraid or reluctant to be fully committed to the couple.

That’s why he is looking for other people outside of marriage, to try to calm the trauma that haunts him.


Disloyalty usually comes from someone’s selfishness, who only thinks of his own interests and needs. Without ever considering other people, including their own wives and children. He will easily lie to get what he wants.

Selfish behavior also raises the feeling that he is special and must be treated with special. For this reason, general rules do not apply to him and he can do anything he pleases.


There are times, he never had the thought of having an affair. However, he acted impulsively because there was a chance he did it without thinking about the consequences of the action.

Not getting what was expected

Often, husbands have too high expectations in marriage. And when he didn’t get it, he felt he had the right to look for it elsewhere. In addition, he felt angry because his wife could not fulfill his expectations. Therefore he cheated on as a way to tell his wife that he could not give what he hoped for.

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