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You May Try These 3 Ways To Clean Persistent Stains On Ceramic Tiles

You May Try These 3 Ways To Clean Persistent Stains On Ceramic Tiles

Ceramics are often applied to modern buildings. Selected as one of the materials to coat several surfaces of a house, such as tiles, walls, and kitchen space. The main reason why ceramics are in great demand because besides being easy to clean, the presence of variants of ceramic patterns is enough to make it multifunctional. However, if there is dirt stuck on the tile, then to remove the dirt/stains it needs its own way, to be cleaned more quickly. Meanwhile, if you need professionals who can clean your tiles quickly, you may call the trusted best portable carpet cleaner.

Don’t be panic, it’s because in order to make it easier for you to treat it while cleaning the surface of the tiles, you just need to use natural ingredients as a cleaner.

1. Lemon & vinegar water

Lemon water and vinegar are one of the ingredients that we often encounter at home. In addition to its function as a spice, it turns out that the mixture of these two ingredients is quite effective as a tile cleaner. How:

a. Mix vinegar and lemon juice into warm water.
b. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.
c. Spray evenly on the tile surface.
d. Rub the ceramic tile using an ordinary cloth/mop.
e. See the results.

2. Baking soda & water

A mixture of baking soda and water can be a solution if there are stubborn stains, like oil stains or ink that imprint on the surface of the ceramic tile. To clean the stubborn stain, here’s how:

a. Add baking soda with water to the spray bottle
b. Make sure baking soda is evenly mixed
c. Spray the mixture on the stained ceramic tile.
d. Let stand for a few moments
e. Then rub using a washing brush
f. See the results

It is not recommended to rub the tiles using hard objects.

3. Hot water & detergent

If the tiles are only filled with stain drinks like coffee or tea, then try using hot water mixed with detergent as a tile cleaner. That is enough to wipe the tile with the cloth dipped in the mixture. Of course, this method can help clean the tile stains.

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