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You Can Try These Tips From AC Distributors When You Choose An AC

You Can Try These Tips From AC Distributors When You Choose An AC

AC distributors serve the purchase and installation of air conditioners with various brands from world-famous electronics manufacturers. When consumers choose AC the distributor will offer various brands of air conditioners of a certain size kolin aircon cleaning. Selecting the size of the AC depends on the needs and size of the room if you plan to install air conditioners at home then choose air conditioning that can be installed on the wall, portable air conditioning, window air conditioning, and other types. Additionally, we recommend you call aircon repair singapore when your AC is broken.

These are 3 tips for choosing AC size from a reliable AC Distributor:

1. Don’t Choose large Air Conditioners Recklessly

Generally, the AC dealer will offer AC products with large size because the majority of the price is much more expensive. But as a smart consumer, don’t immediately say yes, because not all large air conditioners are suitable to be installed at home. Large air conditioners do have the ability to cool air very quickly. However, it makes the air feels drier too.

2. Install the Wall AC

Lots of authorized AC distributors recommend wall ACs because they are considered more suitable for homes than window air conditioners. Wall air conditioners work more efficiently and are able to cool the air more optimally. Wall air conditioners will be installed around 1.5 meters to 2 meters above the ground. Installation on this wall allows the air conditioner to cool the room more evenly so that even though the size of the air conditioner is smaller, the air conditioner can cool the room quite well.

3. Knowing the Size of the Room So It Can Adjust AC Power

When planning to calculate the size of a room, the consumer only needs to multiply the length of the width of the room after that multiplied again by 25 watts of power. This activity aims to maximize air conditioning cooling. So even though the weather is hot, sunny, humid or rainy, AC performance is not affected. For example, if the room is 4 meters wide multiplied by 5 meters, it means 20 meters multiplied by 25 results is 500 watts. Then consumers can buy air conditioning with a power of at least 500watt or more.

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