Small rain increasingly falls with the arrival of the rainy season. This is the right signal for us to add protection so that the walls of the house are not damp which leads to a musty and smelly house. Furthermore, you must be really hating it if your exquisite sandstone retaining walls have to be covered in moss to. Therefore, check out the following 4 tips so that the walls of the house are not damp and ready for the rainy season!

1. Close the crack section

Steps you need to do before repainting. It is natural if the wall gradually experiences cracks, especially in the area around the door or window. Don’t be underestimated because the gap in them is access to dirt and excess water content, things you need to handle so that the walls of the house are not damp. Check the cracks and patches.

2. Clean the walls of the fungus

One more important step for you to do before considering repainting. You need to make sure the walls of the house are not moist and have been removed from the mold. Even though the wall looks clean, keep cleaning because dirt on the wall can also avoid visibility. Dirty walls when painted will only speed up the process of moisture happening faster.

3. Do repainting

After doing the two steps mentioned earlier, you can repaint the walls of your home both inside and outside. Even better if you first coat it with a sealer.

4. Ensure the feasibility of air ventilation at home

Think back to whether your current home layout has allowed air circulation to run optimally without obstacles. You can start from the physical feasibility of your home window and take care measures from washing curtains to replacing window wood when you have signs of weathering. If you feel your house still doesn’t have enough windows or a good gap in air exchange, don’t hesitate to immediately correct the situation by providing a new window or gap.

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