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You Can Choose Tennis Shoes Based On The Type Of Tennis Courts

You Can Choose Tennis Shoes Based On The Type Of Tennis Courts

Shoe manufacturers make tennis shoes according to user needs in accordance with the type of field. For example, for players on the hard court, the footprint of the shoe is made hard so that it matches the concrete that becomes the surface of the field. Meanwhile, footprints for clay or grass surfaces are usually not very durable. However, tennis shoes are made for flexible foot movements on this slippery surface. You can customize the shoes you want with your needs while playing tennis. If you are a beginner who can’t choose one type of field when playing tennis, don’t worry. Many tennis shoe manufacturers design shoes that can be used for all types of fields. You can do online research by visiting

There are three types of tennis courts. The first is the hard court type, which is then divided into two, namely acrylic and synthetic. The hard surface of the field certainly makes shoes work hard. So, choose tennis shoes that provide superior cushioning so that your feet are well supported and you feel comfortable throughout the game.

The second is clay court, aka a field whose surface is clay. Because the surface is soft, when competing in a field like this, you have to choose shoes that offer a strong grip. Thus, you are still free to move on the slippery clay surface.

The last is the grass court. This grass field is the oldest type of tennis court. The average shoe manufacturer creates tennis shoes so as not to damage the field grass. You can choose tennis shoes with patterned soles and the top of the shoe which is a blend of nets and synthetic materials.

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