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When to Change Bowstrings

When to Change Bowstrings

Archery is a fun hobby that could also work perfectly as exercise. There are so many health benefits that you could get from this particular sport either physically or mentally. Archery is a great sport to help you learn so much about focus and patience. Every single arrow that you fire needs great focus and patience from you to get to the center of the target. Every time you pull your compound bowstrings to shot an arrow you need to focus on the target and clear your mind. But not only that, because you need to wait for the perfect time to release the arrow or even the movement when you are taking a breath will make you miss the center. The pressure is not only happening in your mind and body when you draw an arrow but also in the bowstring. With the pressure that keeps building on the string, it needs proper care and maintenance or it will snap. Once it snaps, you need to replace it with the new one.
Like other equipment, your bowstring has to be replaced by the new one once in a while. Know when to replace it is essential. Whenever your bowstring starts to feel loose, flimsy or starts getting fuzzy, then it is the best time to replace your string. However, you could help ensure your string durability by maintaining the string. The first thing you need to do is to regularly clean the string before and after using it. Dirt and sand could scratch the string and make it losing its best performance. You also need to wax your string with special wax made only for bowstring. The wax will help water staying away from your string because, like dirt and sand, water will also make your string loose and fuzzy way much quicker. If you’re not sure, you could always ask for professional help in archery store.

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