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What to Do Before the Bathroom Renovation Project

What to Do Before the Bathroom Renovation Project

The decision to renovate a house is often difficult to pull back. Therefore, homeowners must consider and plan the renovation process carefully, especially if renovations are carried out in important spaces such as bathrooms. Now, you can take time to consider which company that you will choose for bathroom renovations Perth big project. The right choice of the service provider determines the success of your bathroom renovation.

Without planning, the cost of renovation can be bulging and homeowners find it difficult to organize daily activities, especially before this Eid holiday, cannot be made urgent. For that, prepare a list that should be carried out by the homeowner since six months before the renovation. Six months before the renovation, make sure you prepare several things, such as:

The first step is to look for references. Find the right design for your new bathroom. This is what you need to do 6 months before the renovation is done. Browse page by page design magazines, create ‘idea boards’ or use social media like Pinterest to gather your source of inspiration. Contacting designers is not a bad idea either. It is important to use small notes to comment on the best parts of each bathroom design idea. After that, Rickert will recommend the best design for his clients. Professionals will save you a lot of time.

The second step, try to find references to contractors or builders that you can trust. Try looking for a number of alternatives through friends, colleagues, or hardware stores and building materials that usually have a builder contact.

Step three, start drawing or designing your bathroom. Do not forget to include storage space, a location of the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub if you wish. Make sure the placement is in accordance with the plumbing or drainage system in your home.

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