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What To Clean Immediately After The Flood

What To Clean Immediately After The Flood

When floods enter the house, it can wreak havoc on the structure of buildings, furniture, and environmental health. The reason is that floods carry many elements including mud and rubbish. And if floods keep coming incessantly, this can add to even more damage to the waterways, roofs, and floors of houses. The furniture in your house could be damaged but what needs immediate care is the carpet. Damp carpet is the perfect nest and breeding area for mold and mildew that carry a serious health risk. That is why you need to call additional info service to help you clean the carpet quickly and without hassle.

You could rely on the professional service to clean your carpet but you also need to clean the mud in your house. When the flood recedes, the mud will fill the house. First, remove mud by using the hose to remove it quickly. Even though the mud is gone, bacteria and germs carried by the mud might still be left at home. Then it is better to use hot water and sterilize it with a bleach solution or a disinfectant to kill germs in every area of the house. The kitchen is a cooking area that required to be sterile from germs and bacteria. First, soak tableware made of glass, porcelain, and plastic for 10 minutes in a disinfectant solution mixed with warm water. Dry with an air dryer, do not use a towel. Second, furniture made of silver, metal, and pots and pans can also be soaked in warm water for 10 minutes. Chlorine bleach should not be used for this material because it can react with metals and cause it to fade.

Turn on the air conditioner to remove humidity inside the house or open at least two windows for air ventilation. This could also help to make the process of drying the carpet quicker. If it turns out that on the floor and walls have grown mold, then brush and then clean with disinfectant.
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