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Use These Materials To Enlarge Mr. P

Use These Materials To Enlarge Mr. P

It is common knowledge that most women want their partners to have a penis size between 6-7 inches alias 15-17 cm. Why? Because the penis size has the potential to please women. The long and thick penis tends to be easier to reach the female G-Spot (female orgasm point) located in the inner section. In addition, having a long and thick penis makes a man so confident when acting on the bed, right?

But quietly, for those of you who are not satisfied with your current penis size, we have a handful of penis enlargement tips that you should try. One of them is by using titan gel. Visit our website and get titan gel bewertungen.

1. Stale tea

In the eyes of women, stale tea can be a natural weapon for a mask or wash the face because it proved able to slow the aging of premature. But for men, a stale teapot turns out to be used to enlarge PLUS extend Mr. size. P. The trick is quite easy, namely take three teaspoons (any tea, not the most important powder or powder) and insert into the cup and sad with enough hot water. After that, let stand for 3-5 days for tea content mixed evenly with hot water and tea automatically become stale. When it is stale, then use tea to soak the penis for about 15 minutes. After that, rub the penis with lubricating oil and massage slowly with the same duration. Finally, wash the penis with soap until clean. Do the technique consistently for 2 weeks, guaranteed the size of your penis increases in length.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the Middle East’s natural wealth often used for beauty, health, and kitchen treatments. In addition, olive oil believed can also be used to enlarge the penis and breast because of the natural content in it. The trick was fairly easy, ie simply apply a cup of olive oil on the penis and massage slowly from the base to the head of the penis (avoid urinary tract so as not to irritate) for about 15 minutes. After that, wash the penis with soap and rinse with water until clean and then dry. Massaging the penis using olive oil so far has no side effects, so it should prioritize cleanliness as well as technique.

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