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How to Use and Maintain Softlense


For those of you who just wear contact lenses and want to know how to wear them, contact lenses are often referred to as substitutes for eyeglasses. But some of you may use soft lense for fashion needs. Keep in mind when you want to buy contact lenses is to choose not just because of the model. The first thing you should notice is the water content because that’s what determines whether or not the contact lens is for the eye. In the case of contact lens wear, everyone has a different match for water content, but higher water levels may be better because it will keep your eyes dry. Some of you might think where you can get the best contact lenses? If you live in America, you can order soft lens at Walmart Eye Exam Cost. Why? Because Walmart Eye Exam Cost provides many of the best quality and clinically tested soft lens options in laboratories with an international soft lense license that guarantees the health of your eyes. In terms of price is very affordable so you do not have to worry to spend half of your money or even less than that to buy your eye needs at Walmart Eye Exam Cost.

Each soft lens has different usage time, there are 1 day, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months or 1 year. When viewed from the frugal or not, clearly the period of usage of 6 months and 1 year is much cheaper. But we do not know what will happen in that time period? We could accidentally soft lens tear or fall in the mud. It will be a much bigger risk too. Moreover, we also have to control to the doctor within a few months. Our minus may increase or decrease. So you should choose a time of use briefly ie 1 month or 3 months. Actually, if we can keep soft lens well (always keep it hygienic) the use of 1 month or 3 months can be more than that. How to take the soft lens from the lens case there are various ways, can use a finger or tweezers for the soft lens. Tweezers for the soft lens are usually small, made of plastic, and at both ends are blunt and there are rubber pads. If using a finger, you should wash your hands first with soap until clean and rinse well with clean. Then pour a little cleaning solution on hand and priority fingers. Then take the soft lens with the tip of the index. While using tweezers, wash the first tweezers with warm water before. Then flip soft lens with both ends of tweezers.

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