One indicator of the success of a concert is the number of spectators who come during the event. With a booming audience, organizers can ensure that the project is successful and the profits that are obtained will definitely approach or even exceed the target. Unfortunately, the big profits were not the only effect of the booming visitors. From a security point of view, sometimes overcrowding visitors have been arranged and the possibility of conflict is high. So, to get around this situation, event organizers usually provide barrier fences with various types of forms and functions. The fences you could find at building a scaffold tower are very useful for organizing the audience and making the concert go smoothly.

The first fence barrier which is very useful in concerts is aluminium barrier gate type. Usually, this type of fence is in the form of a board with aluminium plates filling the sides. These plates usually have small dots to be able to see beyond the fence. The aluminium boards that filled the fence also made it difficult for those inside to climb it because it was slippery. Currently, this type of fence is widely used for large concerts both local and foreign artists. Its superior ability to prevent spectators from jumping or grabbing something from between the fences makes event organizers not hesitate to use it.

To break up the crowd in front of the fence, it is necessary to install an entry barrier in the form of a lined fence that can only be passed by 1 person. With this fence, the crowd can be broken up making it easier for officers to check tickets or put up a sign in the form of a bracelet so that the audience can come and go freely. This entrance barrier is useful for crowd control. So, no matter how many spectators come, they have to keep going through this barrier in turns or queuing back. Barriers are widely used for concerts or exhibitions. These barriers are like iron bars so that your feet or hands can be inserted between them.

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