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Types Of Car Batteries That You Must Know

Types Of Car Batteries That You Must Know

Car batteries have various types. Each type of car battery has advantages and disadvantages of each. like wet batteries. Wet batteries are the most common type of battery in the market and are the most sold. This battery has advantages such as a cheaper price and can be used repeatedly. Apart from that, you may also need to check out the recommended heavy duty jumper cable ends.

The second type is calcium battery, this type of battery almost has the same as a wet battery but what distinguishes it is this battery has a battery pole made of calcium. The advantages of these batteries include having better electrical capability compared to wet batteries in terms of electricity storage.

The third type of battery is a hybrid battery. This battery is a combination of wet batteries and calcium batteries. The most striking difference possessed by this battery is that there are positive battery poles that use low antimonial materials such as wet batteries, and the use of calcium materials for negative poles. The advantage of this battery is that it has a longer lifespan and is more durable.

The next batter is an MF type battery (Maintenance Free). Akf Mf is a term for dry batteries. The advantages of this battery are maintenance free and do not need to use replacement fluids because evaporation that occurs in the battery cell is very little.

The last type of battery is a gel battery. This battery is a battery that uses the latest technology that uses the gel as its electrolyte replacement liquid. This battery has the same advantages as a dry battery (MF), which is maintenance free and more durable and long lasting. In addition, this type of battery is the most environmentally friendly type of battery, because it uses the gel as its replacement liquid.

Your vehicle must use one of these batteries. but the battery is also the same as other components can have damage. The battery is not infrequently damaged like when it has worn out. If this happens, it will impact on our vehicle’s vehicle, which is striking. This is of course very annoying and troublesome to you right? Especially if you are on a long journey.

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