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Tips That Helps You Get the Right Golf Stick When Making the Purchase

Tips That Helps You Get the Right Golf Stick When Making the Purchase

Stick is one of the tools used in playing golf. Stick serves as a ball beating tool to the hole when you play golf. Many golfers from amateur classes even to professionals who feel unsuitable or uncomfortable with his golf stick. As a result, they will more often buy a golf stick with expensive costs. With the talk about pattaya golf, make sure stick will be the crucial thing you consider regarding the golf course you will choose from.

You don’t have to do it because it includes waste. Usually, the factor that makes your stick uncomfortable is there are several things such as the shape of the stick or the material used. For that, I will give a few tips that you can use when buying used and new golf sticks.

When buying a golf stick, please pay attention to the swing speed or swim speed. This speed is related to shaft selection. You need to know the weight of the pendulum stick or swing weight that suits you. The size of the swing weight can be measured by a tool called weigh balancer. Then you can mark the value with letters C, D and E then count from 0 to 9.

To get a quality swing weight you can only say by yourself, that is when we feel it matches the weight of the stick when it is swung. If your punch is messed up because the stick used is too light or heavy, then just lower or raise 1 level. Note this, especially you are the beginners are highly recommended to use drivers with a loft between 10.5 to 13 degrees. The use of drivers with small angles will be difficult to get maximum results. Then, before you buy used or new golf sticks, please consider the price. You can find some great online shop references that sell golf equipment. While for the former you have to compare prices.

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