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Tips On Cleaning And Caring The Wheelchair

Tips On Cleaning And Caring The Wheelchair

Cleaning a wheelchair is actually not too difficult, but if the wheelchair that you use is an electric wheelchair type, additional knowledge is needed so that it is not mishandled. If you don’t have time to clean and care of the wheelchair, it is good to try wheelchair rental service available out there. Here are some tips for caring for and cleaning the wheelchair to keep it clean, comfortable to use and durable.

Cleaning the wheelchair is enough to do it with a wet cloth. Be sure to clean each surface carefully, especially the seat, backrest and footrest which are the parts that are most often in contact with the user’s body. If there are stains that are quite difficult to clean, you can use a little detergent or soap that is soft enough on the surface of the skin, such as bath soap. Do not use hoses or high-pressure showers because water that infiltrates between parts can cause rust.

Be sure to clean the wheels and other parts of dust, soil, hair, other debris that can disrupt the movement of the wheels. Make sure the tire part of the wheel remains fully filled with air. So the wheels don’t slip off the track even though they are pushed straight forward.

Make sure all screws and screws are tight and there are no cracks in the frame. Do this at least once every two weeks. Also, make sure the user immediately notifies if the wheelchair feels unsteady or uncomfortable.

You must check whether the upholstery is not torn. If the wheelchair uses pads, the cushion must feel soft and comfortable for its users. Furthermore, check that all parts that have a folding mechanism can function properly, including the backrest if the type of backrest is included which can be increased lower. If there are parts that need to be lubricated, do not give oil but use lubricants made from silicon.

For electric wheelchairs, it’s imporant to pay special attention to the cables and batteries. Note whether there is no accumulation of dust or corrosion in its parts. And if you want to fix something yourself don’t forget to make sure the arrangement of the cables.

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