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Tips For Buying A Vintage Rug

Tips For Buying A Vintage Rug

Are you a vintage lover? Like to collect vintage items? In fact, did you design the house with that style? One time, you might want to really present that impression in all parts of the house. One of them is on the floor of the room. Instead of remodeling the floor and installing vintage-style tiles, for example, why don’t you cover it with a tapestry? Aside from that, you may also need to see the best service of rug cleaning sydney that you can call whenever your rug has been covered by dust and stains oriental rug cleaning.

That’s why we want to share tips for buying vintage rugs for readers:

Ask the seller the following questions!

The first thing you need to ask is: What makes the rug special, unique, and the only one? In addition, you need to ask about the time of making and the origin of the rug. You really need to find out if it’s not familiar. How is the texture, woven, motif, thread, and color? Knowing more specifically about the period and place of manufacture will give you more consideration.

How valuable is the tapestry? Is the quality good? What are you looking for?

Generally, the main thing that makes a special vintage rug is its uniqueness and diversity. Especially tapestries with naive designs. That is, the tapestry which is done by the craftsmen themselves incorporates artistic plans and values and takes into account the humanist elements. The rug is not made by machine and does not need to be perfect. He is a work of art. And, that’s what makes it more valuable.

Is the carpet really vintage or just an imitation?

The quality of the tapestry produced by hand can be seen from its fantastic old impression. But, if you want a vintage rug, there is a certain patina that does appear due to the age of the rug. This includes blisters, colors, as well as the appearance of the protruding thread. The wool yarn will look shinier as you age. The color will look more smooth and natural. This imperfection of appearance is precisely what is desired, especially when the color of the rug is oxidized.

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