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Tips on Caring Leather Bags To The Colors Are Not Faded and Rapidly Damaged


Having leather goods especially leather bags with famous brands should be treated as possible. Because the skin material is very susceptible to air humidity and oily stains. You definitely do not want if your expensive leather bag is damaged by your own actions that are not slick care for him. Tips for caring for leather bags for durable skin and the color does not fade. Here are tips that you can apply for treatment briefcase for men bag for men like; Clean your leather bag once a week with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and soap. Use a soft type of cloth so as not to damage the skin fibers. Do not use wet wipes, vinegar or other kitchen materials to clean stains on leather bags. This will only cause the color of the leather bag to fade. If there are stubborn stains on the leather bag, try using a special ink product to remove the stain from the leather bag. Follow the guidance rules carefully to keep the condition of the bag as it is and let the bag dry out.

Bags that are rarely used will cause the shape of the bag is changed, especially bags that are large enough. We recommend that the contents of the bag with items that can fill the bag to form a bag does not change. Do not use water to clean oil stains. Water will only damage the skin fibers when the oil stains stick to the leather bag and the skin will easily peel off. Avoid holding a leather bag after your hand is smeared with hand cream or lotion. Wait a while until the lotion is absorbed by the skin so as not to leave oil stains on the leather bag. To avoid the dust bag, use the baggage you get when you buy a bag. By using a glove bag then the leather bag will not be dusty. Do not let your leather bag be exposed to the sun. Leather bags directly exposed to sunlight will cause skin color to fade and become faded. Not only that, sunlight is also harmful to leather bags.

Do not use saddle soap or saddle soap normally used for cleaning leather shoes. Although the bags and shoes are both made from leather, the function of this soap is different. Saddle soap can cause the color of the leather bag to fade. Leather bags that are not used for a long time can also cause unpleasant skin odor. Siasati with baking powder poured into a small container then put in your leather bag. Then store the bag in a holster or pillowcase and leave it for 24 hours. Baking powder will absorb unpleasant odors.

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