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Tips on Buying a Rear View Camera!

Tips on Buying a Rear View Camera!

1. Camera quality
The thing that determines the best rear view camera and what not is with the quality of the camera. If you want to install in your car, and then you have to look for one that records in high definition quality (720p / 1080p). Cameras that not HD have difficulty recording in detail (like a license plate number) and probably you will be disappointed after purchase it. To get the best quality video at night, then it will be better if you buy the HD camera.


2. Size
With a rear view camera, wisdom can become a big factor. You can easily find small/practical cameras in all sizes and shapes, ranging from large, clear cameras to compact cameras meant to blend in with your dash. Like things like wallets, cell phones, wallets and other valuables, you may not want to install a rear view camera that is oversized. On the other hand, if one of the reasons you are looking for a rear view camera is the parking mode, you may want to get a more discrete camera (like one is installed into the car’s rearview mirror).

3. Advanced GPS
Many rear view cameras have a car GPS receiver on the dashboard makes you possible to track the location while playing a video. The GPS car rear view camera allows you get your exact location at any given time as well as automatically set the date and time. The rear view camera system with GPS is also usually complete with mapping software for your computer.

4. Memory Capacity rear view camera
Other things to consider when buying a rear view camera include available memory, camera components and whether the camera is equipped with LED lights. DVR rear view camera systems usually directly record to the Memory card. Besides, the individual cameras are going to make a number of different data, usually they will record (in HD) within 2-3 hours on an 8GB card, a 16GB card will record 4-6 hours and a 32GB card will record 8-12 hours.

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