Having a meat grinder allows you to make a variety of foods with your own processed meat. But the only drawback of having such a tool is the cleaning and storing it. If you do this incorrectly, the grinder will rust. Not to mention that the appliance will remain oily. And it’s enough to change your mind about having this tool at home. Luckily, this process is actually easier than you might think. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you need additional parts for your meat grinder, we suggest you check out the finest commercial meat grinder parts right away.

Put the bread through the grinder. Even if you use lean meat, the grinder can still get oily. Washing with soap and water is actually not enough to remove all the grease. A simple technique that will help wash away the grease is to put a few slices of bread through a grinder to make it look like meat. The ground bread will help clean any remaining fat and meat in the grinder.

Wash each part by hand. Washing every part of the tool by hand not only protects the blade, but it also protects the grinder as well. If you have an iron meat grinder, remember not to use a dishwasher if you have one at home. Even plastic models can dry out and crack under high heat. Washing by hands may lower the appearance of rust.

Dry thoroughly. It is very important to dry each part of the meat grinder by hand. Leaving each part in direct contact with the air to dry can cause the area to rust. After you have cleaned all the parts, use a dry towel, and dry each piece by hand before storing it.

Put the accessories in a zip-up bag with rice. Knives and other small accessories can be stored in the bag with which you can store the rice. The function of the rice is to absorb any moisture, which will prevent the accessories from rusting.

Store the grinder in a safe place. The main unit of the meat grinder also needs to be stored carefully. The important thing is to store the grinder in a dry place. If you are concerned about humidity, you can always store the unit in a plastic storage container surrounded by rice.

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