Striped Bass is a picky fish. This concerns the spot that we will make a target fishing spot. Striped Bass are fish that like quiet places with deep and calm conditions. Besides that Striped Bass dislikes dirty places or waters full of rubbish. Avoid fishing in places like that. Striped Bass likes to stay in fads, wooden barrels, rock slits, sluice gates and deep spots on the seafront or river, and of course in brackish or saltwater. Then, we also recommend you to use striper fishing reels for a better chance to catch this fish.

Weather factors, tides, water temperatures also affect the appetite of these fish, because not infrequently in very potential spots sometimes there is not a single stroke because the weather was cloudy or even rainy. So WHEN THE RIGHT is when the weather is sunny (if it is daytime) and the condition of the moon is not in full or full moon nor is the moon dark or the moon is dead.

There are two types of bass based on the mealtime, namely fish that are active during the day and night. Bass fish with size below 1 kg and have yellow eyes are types of fish that are active during the day but do not rule out eating at night, although this is rare. Fish over 1 kg and have red eye color are usually active at night, but there are also fish with sizes below 1 kg but red eyes and are active at night too.

Many people don’t know the way this fish eats. Bass is a type of fish that eats its prey by grabbing and pulverizing its prey. Only after that, the prey will be swallowed by the position of the head first. So when the bait is struck by the target it is better not to rush to jerk the rod, let first 2 or 3 seconds while being given a helping hand so that the bait is swallowed all so that when we jerk the rod, the hook will be perfectly stuck in the mouth of the fish so as to minimize the possibility of losing the fish.

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