Eliminate the stereotype that the hobby of sewing is only suitable for seniors, that sewing is ancient and less contemporary because actually sewing is fun even for beginners. You might just be confused about where to start when going to learn to sew. You also need to choose the best sewing kit so your result becomes excellent.

Here are several tips on learning to sew for beginners that can be directly practiced:

Pay attention to where the thread clamp is in your sewing machine. Important tips, when starting to sew, make sure the thread clamp is directly above the needle in a higher position because otherwise the thread will not be attached.

Try a few stitches first to make sure that the needle you are using fits in the material to be sewn so that the thread jam problem does not need to occur.

When sewing corners or curves, never stop stitches when the needle is above, out of the material. Let the needle stick to the material to get the perfect hem.

When you see the thread on your hem is too tight or loose, or when your sewing machine stitches jump, repeat!

Be sure to always use a new sharp needle because needles that have been used too often can cause thread jams and damage the stitched material.

Different colors in the boat (bobbin) and yarn spools are not a problem, but make sure they are the same type to avoid jams.

Start by sewing a straight line, the way is not to see the needle, but keep the movement straight. Focusing on the eyes will be confusing.

Never throw away the remaining fabric after making a pattern. Use the pieces to practice. When learning to sew for beginners does not mean you are required to immediately produce the perfect stitch. Trying to sew on the used cloth will be safer than damaging your precious fabric.

Always check the spools in your boat. When you speculate when the thread will run out often it happens in the middle of the stitch. It is better to replace the yarn before it is completely used up so that it does not interfere with your sewing process.

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