VPS has advantages in capacity and high specifications. So you as a VPS user can add many websites and blogs on the VPS, but please note that the more websites that are on the server, the more heavy RAM performance will be. RAM on each VPS has a capacity limit, so you need to pay attention to the RAM capacity that will be used, in addition to RAM capacity, it means that the VPS price will be more expensive. In the meantime, if you want to try a VPS service before spending any money, you can visit https://alavps.com to get a free trial.

Almost similar to RAM, the CPU also has the effect of processing all requests from users displayed on the website. For how to choose a good VPS, choose a processor that has more cores and high processor speed (GHz). The better the processor used, the faster the VPS will perform in processing all requests from the client.

Then, storage capacity is also an important thing in choosing a VPS server. Make sure the storage capacity is sufficient for the next few months or even years to store website content. Just an addition, now choose a VPS server that uses SSD, because in terms of SSD performance it will be much faster when compared to using ordinary conventional hard drives.

Furthermore, VPS guarantees more data security, because in one virtual server there is only data that you have, not a mixture of other user data that can threaten the security of your data on VPS services.

Choosing a data center will affect where your website visitors come from, if visitors come from Japan, it’s better to take a VPS server that has a data center in Japan, another alternative is to choose a VPS server in Korea. The advantage of a datacenter close to website visitors is faster website access.

Finally, don’t be tempted by cheap prices, you need to check what VPS technology is used, starting from the software and hardware used. Using the latest technology will make it easier for you to manage your website and increase the speed of access to websites on VPS hosting.

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