The steam is one of the most common types of energy that have been used in the industrial sector for centuries. That’s to the help of this type of energy, there are a lot of factories that can provide us with their products for our daily needs. One of the machines that use steam is the boiler. A steam boiler is a steam generator, where the steam is obtained by heating water to steam. While the heating process is carried out by burning waste fuel in the Calderas combustion chamber. In a sugar factory, power is always needed, both in the form of motion and heat. One of the good media in trying to get both types of energy is using steam. Steam (new steam) which has high pressure is used as a power plant, while used steam from a motion power plant is used for process purposes.

Steam is used to provide energy and heat because steam has the following things:

a. Steam is easily regulated, especially in temperature control. When it’s condensing, the steam delivers heat to a relatively constant temperature. This what helps manufacturers work efficiently while also avoiding disasters easily on a daily basis

b. Relative vapor is clean, without taste and smell. This is very suitable for food industries where steam intersects directly with goods processed such as in sugar mills.

c. Steam has high heat. This allows the transfer of high amounts of heat with a not-so-big steam pipe. At the same weight and temperature, steam contains 25 times more than air or gas fumes.

d. Heat in steam can be used repeatedly. For example, in evaporation, heat that is vaporized into a fluid containing water, most of the heat is contained in water vapor coming out of the vessel. And this water vapor can be used as heating again.

e. Steam can be used for power plants first and then used for heating.

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