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These Are Some Ways To Maintain Your Acoustic Guitar

These Are Some Ways To Maintain Your Acoustic Guitar

Aside from knowing how to clean an acoustic guitar, you also need to know a few tips on caring for a guitar to keep it clean and keep producing good sound quality. Our tips can make your guitar more durable so you don’t need to buy a new guitar often. However, when you do need to buy a new one, we recommend you check out the DIY Guitar Kit.

Here are some ways to care for your acoustic guitar:

Place the guitar in the case

In order to keep the guitar protected from dust, collisions, and scratches, then you must provide a special case for the guitar. The existence of the case is not only intended for band guitarists who often tour out of town. Even if you only play the guitar at home, it never hurts to buy a case to put your guitar when not in use.

There are 2 types of special guitar cases, namely hard cases which are usually made of hard material, such as wood or plastic. Hardcase is used for those of you who often carry a traveling guitar or tour. Meanwhile, the soft case is made of fabric that is thick enough to keep the guitar clean and avoid scratches.

Change strings regularly

Even though you have cleaned the guitar regularly, this does not guarantee that your strings will not be damaged. If you play the guitar intensively, there will be times when the string is rusted or broken. If this is left alone, the sound quality produced will not be good and can damage the guitar fret. To produce the best sound quality, replace all parts of the strings, not just replacing broken or rusty parts.

Keep the guitar out of direct sunlight and humid places

Since the acoustic guitar is made of wood, you must keep the guitar away from sun exposure. In addition, you also need to store the guitar in a dry place. Because the humidity and temperature changes that are very drastic can damage the texture of wood. Classical guitar bodies that are generally made of wood will be easily damaged and weathered.

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