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These Are Some Types of Board Games That Be Played

These Are Some Types of Board Games That Be Played

As a parent, you certainly want to give everything that is best for your child, right? Mak, one of the things you can give to children is a good game and can hone their skills and brain development. Many parents finally choose board games to give to their children. To get it, they usually get it at the board game shop.

Board games are known to be able to provide the right benefits for children. Besides being fun, board games can hone the accuracy and development of their brains. As time went on, the development of board games was also increasingly advanced. Right now, there are several types of board games that can be played. Some of the types referred to here are

1. Classic board games
Classic board games or family games. Players compete around the game board or follow a specified path to reach the goal. Sometimes the point system is also involved. The essence of this game is not in the game but from the experience of togetherness of the player. Examples of this game are Candyland and snake ladders.

2. Euro-style games
This game is determined by points, the player must collect points to win the game. This game has a strong theme to inform the whole game. Characteristics of this game rely on strategies such as settlers of Catan, power grid, Carcassone, and Lancaster.

3. Deck-building games
This game is similar to trading card games, each player has several sets of cards that will be used to play. Examples of these games are dominoes, thunderstorms, and quarriors.

4. Strategy games
This game has a board or story that is very important for directing players. This game involves very large collaboration and competition, requiring a high level of thinking. For example, risk, empire, Arkham horror and so on.

The game board is indeed a game full of rules. Children are taught to be disciplined, obey the rules and behave honestly.

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