The mosaic effect presented by the mosaic tiles is able to change the nuance of the house which originally looked monotonous to become more alive. Whatever the type and shape of the mosaic tiles, from rectangles, hexagons to circles, each offers its own uniqueness and artistic value. Decorative mosaic tiles mounted on the floor usually have a certain type and character. In addition, not all materials can be used as mosaic tiles. Some materials that can be used for example marble, porcelain, wood, ceramics, to natural stones. You can find tiles that made of those materials in a store that sells tiles portsmouth.

Here are the initial stages of the mosaic tile installation process that you need to know about:

Determine the motif, color, and texture of the tile according to the concept of the room

Before installing decorative mosaic tiles, first, make observations on the concept and the room where this tile will be installed. It’s because the design or theme of the room also determines the selection of colors, shapes, and sizes of tiles to be selected.

Preview the sample or sample of installed mosaic tiles

Before you begin installing mosaic tiles, it’s a good idea to look for references and examples of tiles that are already installed on the floor. Because, there are times when a tile looks beautiful, but once installed on the floor, it looks less attractive. For that, you should ask for samples or samples from this mosaic tile supplier, or you can search for examples yourself on the internet. Make sure that the room that is used as an example has a type and theme that is almost the same as your room.

Start by cleaning the floor/place where the tile will be installed

After you have determined the mosaic tile that you will use here, you can begin the installation. However, make sure beforehand that the surface of the place where you want to install the tile is clean of dust and dirt.

Use a sealer on the floor before tiling

To prevent the position of the mosaic tiles not easily sliding when installed on the floor, you should first use a stone sealer on the floor. After being applied, it takes about 2 to 3 hours for the tile and sealer to stick properly

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