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These Are Benefits Of Having A Religion In Your Life

These Are Benefits Of Having A Religion In Your Life

Humans without religion are humans who have no purpose. In religious teachings, humans are guided to worship and do good in life, both among humans and with nature Prayer for healing . Humans are taught by religion to help each other among humans, mutual tolerance in accepting diversity in humans based on ethnicity, religion, race, and group. religion also teaches people not to do things that harm other people or the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, if you’re a Christian, you may want to check out the Prayer for healing service.

Religion is useful in a culture so that humans will not return to being primitive beings who only have the purpose of surviving and reproducing without having an orientation to develop.

Introducing the Bad and the Good

Basically, humans want to get all the things that exist in this world because of the lust that is in each human being. All methods will certainly be done to get the desired thing. With the existence of religion and teaching teachings that exist in religion, humans can know which things can be done and which things should not be done. Rules of rules in religion, are regulating which things are permissible and which cannot be done by humans.

With the prohibition in religion it is intended that humans do not harm themselves, harm others or harm other living beings in order to obtain things that humans want to have.

It Helps People Find Physical And Spiritual Balance

According to ancient Greek philosophers Plato, humans are seen as dualistic consisting of body and soul. Human health is not only seen from the physical but from the soul. Religion provides guidance to humans to be able to obtain peace and maturity of the soul when worshiping to balance the physical and mental needs of humans.

With so many things that can be obtained by humans in believing and carrying out the rules and teachings in their religion, many aspects of religious teachings are used as a reference in determining the basis and law of a country. Whether we realize it or not, many regulations in a country are adopted from religious regulations because they are seen from the many things obtained in the benefits of religion.

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