When your target market is locked in, you can go through the business planning process more easily. This is also a good time to start testing your target audience to see if it is a good fit for your product or service offering. Meanwhile, if you still have to do a bit more advertising, we recommend you hire ott advertising companies with extremely accurate data-driven ads that can hit your target market precisely due to the use of streaming services.

Here are 3 ways to do this:

1. You must acquire feedback from your target audience

You can talk to your target market audiences about your business. Show them a photo prototype of your product or refer to the services you will offer. Find out what they think. In particular, find out if they have purchased a similar product or service before, what their main concerns are, and how satisfied they are with the experience.

If your target audiences are enthusiastic, that means they are suitable with your marketing campaign that you have bought from similar businesses before, and they know they have a problem your business can solve.

2. Manage Mailing List

You can also create an online mailing list and get subscribers through advertisements or by posting them on social media or online groups. If you get a few subscribers within a few days, you’ll know there’s interest in your offer.

A famous podcaster and entrepreneur, Dan Benjamin, recently talked about having a shirt designed, uploading a mockup of it, and creating a mailing list form via Tinyletter for people who might be interested. Within half an hour a hundred people had signed up, attracted by the shirt. Only then did he set up an online shop for it.

3. Create a Landing Page

Never mind the mailing list, you can also choose a landing page. In addition to asking people to subscribe to your e-mail list, you can ask them to pre-order, or to get additional information (such as downloading an ebook or brochure or playing an informative video). The number of people who follow up on the page’s main call-to-action can give you an idea of whether or not your target audience will respond to your offer.

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