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The Importance Of Ball Screw

The Importance Of Ball Screw

For machine tools, ball screws, including structural controls for linear motion, have been widely used in the machine processing industry. This part is also one of the most important parts that require careful maintenance. A ball screw is prone to damage without proper lubrication due to the workload of the machine. So when your machine starts to work a little slower than usual, you need to check the ball screw and use a ball screw repair service if needed. It will cost less to repair the ball screw than to replace it and faster because the process will only take days, depending on the damage. So if you want an effective and faster fix for your ball screw problem, repairing it is the best you can do.

Therefore, for machine tools, the quality of ball screws can directly affect the accuracy of the movement process. In general, for ball screws, the installation methods are double push free mode and double push support mode. The key factors that affect the precision of the ball screw assembly are on one side, especially the rotation axis of the ball screw, the linear guide rail from the main baseline must be parallel to the axis of the machine, and if there is an imbalance, the quality of the assembly generally arises, such as the commonly used motor seat to support the ball screw, then its position related to the movement of the machine can be balanced with the precision of the seat cushion.

On the other hand, ball screws, nuts, axes can ensure coaxial holes in the motor seat can also directly affect the movement of machine tools. In general, ball screws are a type of transmission structure, commonly used in precision machinery, with high accuracy, better reversibility, and higher efficiency. Work characteristics are mainly divided into two types, namely the external cycles that are commonly used and the internal circulation mode.

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