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The factors that make your bedroom becomes hot

The factors that make your bedroom becomes hot

To know the cause of the hot bedroom, we need to deepen understanding of the heat itself. Heat is the energy that moves due to the temperature difference. Heat moves from areas with high temperatures to low-temperature areas. Each object has its own properties and response in conducting heat. We recognize the terms conductor (heat-conducting objects) and insulators (objects that are not very good at conducting heat) in everyday life. Factors that cause heat in the bedroom may be related to both the nature of the object. Apart from that, we’d like you to check out the best comforter sets king as well.

Here are the factors that cause hot bedrooms, such as:

Roof Materials

One of the functions of the roof is as a protector of the house from exposure to sunlight and various other weather. If your room is hot, make sure that you are using the right roof material. As a roof coating, tile also serves to maintain the stability of temperature in the room. If you use materials such as asbestos/zinc as a roof coating, then no wonder your room will feel hot. Reduction of heat can be done by soaking hot zinc roof. But, you better know the types of roofs that you want to use before you decide to buy. Keep the house cool, safe and comfortable.

Ceiling Too Low

Standard ceiling height of the house from floor to ceiling is usually about 3 meters. Perhaps, the ceiling of your house is too low or about 2.5 meters. So that the incoming air does not flow well because there is no space or enough space to accommodate the air exchange.

Air ventilation

Air ventilation is very important. All rooms in the house require air ventilation to filter the air inside the bedroom with the outside air. In addition, the function of home ventilation for the health of the inhabitants because one can overcome the damp bedroom. The standard ventilation used is usually 1: 3 compared to the floor area in your room. Ventilation works to form the air circulation to be free and to dispose of hot air by replacing it with cold and fresh air.

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