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The effective ways of paying the restaurant bills

The effective ways of paying the restaurant bills

You must have spent time relaxing, chatting while eating at a restaurant (or stall) with your friends. Tension usually happens when the bill finally comes, how is the most effective way to pay? In the meantime, perhaps you also want to check out the Wynn buffet prices.

There are several alternative ways of paying, here are the examples:

Each pays according to what they eat.

Of the total bill of living is divided equally according to many people who eat.

Paying turns.

Well, now let’s evaluate the profit and loss of each of the above ways. Plus where would the pay way not dilute your pocket and make you feel satisfied?

Pay according to what is eaten

This method is usually the most frequently used, followers of this flow usually say that this is the fairest way. Everyone just pays according to what they eat and drink.

Then what is the weakness of this way?

Surely you will be confused if the food you ordered the nature to be divided rame-rame. For example, one plate of French fries placed in the middle to eat together. Who should pay the French fries? The time we must calculate how many pieces of french fries we have voiced and compared with the total french fries presented?

Not to mention if that used to share is fried noodles. All can bring a ruler and calculate exactly how long the noodles he consumed.

This method is also not suitable for those whose math scores are mediocre. Because this way takes a lot of counting (not to mention if there are additional taxes and service charge), surely more confused in counting it.

Therefore what if we look at how to pay the second, namely:

Divide according to the number of people

This method really fits for those whose mathematical values are mediocre. Of the total bill, we live for just share with the number of people present and each pay the same amount. Fast and practical.

But that does not mean this way there is no weakness. This method has the potential to increase the total number of bills that must be paid so that eventually each of you must pay more.

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