Wood is a natural insulator and it is very effective in insulating cold and heat. This means, by building a wooden house, you can save a considerable amount of energy compared to building the house you need from brick. So, you don’t have to bother turning on the air conditioner or heating for a long time. Another advantage is that the wood design is thinner and sturdier, and the presence of pores between the wood, makes the air circulation of the wooden house better than ordinary houses and gives a cool impression to you and your family who are inside. You can also start woodstock painting on your wooden house. It aims to further enliven your home through color important source.

You can do this painting by combining paint colors. So you can use several colors in one house. This combination aims to make your house look more colorful and will look great if the combination you use fits and matches your home. So you have to be able to choose the right paint color combination and you should also consult with other people if you are not sure about the colors of your choice. The combination color that you can use can be more than two colors. The color combination in a wooden house is not limited. So you can adjust it to your wishes and your financial condition.

This is because using a combination of colors in one house, especially if the combination used is more than three colors, this will force you to spend more than you use one paint color. The application of paint color combinations should also be more organized. This means that you need to use the same color on the same parts. For example windows, each window uses the same color. That way your house will look more tidy and orderly

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