After the ignition preparation has been fulfilled, do the achievement for preheating without operating the equipment except for the panel instrument. Then, after the heat in the kitchen has been relatively evenly distributed, and from the air vent shells out the steam and get the pressure on the min boiler 1 kg / cm2 which means that there will not be a fundamental expansion then we can do ignition by following the procedures for calderas ignition below:

Check the condition of the water in a water level gauge.

If the water level in the glass of the estimator is high, exceeding the HWL, Blow Down must be done so that the water level is in the position between NWL and HWL.

Operate the ID Fan with the damper closed completely. Please note that inside the boiler panel is equipped with an “InterLock” system.

Make sure the position of the selector switch must remain in the interlock position while the boiler is operating.

Do not operate the boiler full operation before pre-heating is carried out until a pressure of 1 kg / cm2 is obtained.

Do not operate the boiler in the RELEASE position.

After the ID Fan operates normally, position the draft control handle on the “arrangement”/”settings” control tool to the “Auto” position.

Operate the FD Fan with the main damper closed completely, in the damper the air under the fire grate remains open + – 30 – 40%.

Operate the sec FD Fan (2nd FD Fan) with the main damper open 50 – 70%, the damper to the combustion chamber is opened + – 30% and the air damper to the fuel chute is adjusted to the needs (so that the position of the fuel falls in the middle of the combustion chamber ) Leave this condition for + – 15 minutes to stabilize the balancing draft system in the kitchen room.

Note if the boiler uses “Superheater”. At the start of the operation, the Blow-Down shell on the superheater and the starting valve must be 100% open, so that the water content left in the superheater pipe can be wasted. And steam can flow through the heat pipe and exit the starting valve. The blow down in the superheater header and the starting valve can be closed after the main steam valve is opened.

Operate the Rotary feeder.

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