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The Caused of Damaged Compressor of AC

The Caused of Damaged Compressor of AC

The compressor is the main component of the cooling machine. A compressor is a regulator of Freon ac circulation in the system by pumping the Freon ac is flowing from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and back to the outdoor unit. The broken AC compressor causes the AC unit not to work resulting in cooling of the room or in other words a dead ac or hot ac. When it comes to finding the solution, you can deal with the DIY job or call the best air conditioning service singapore that has worked for a long time. Compressor damage caused by several factors, among others:

– Electric current and mains voltage not suitable for AC working standard

AC works on a standard voltage of 220 volts and the current listed in the outdoor unit nameplate. Low or too high electrical voltage can cause damage to the motor coil of the compressor.

– Lack of compressor oil

The compressor oil acts as a lubricant on the piston. If the oil is reduced or discharged due to leakage of freon at the piping installation or in the condenser and evaporator will cause excessive heat on the compressor so that the motor coil will burn and overload become damaged due to high current load. Oil fill also needs to be considered in order to use oil that is in accordance with the standards set by the factory.

– Excess pressure

The standard pressure on the split ac below 3 phase is 80 Psi. if the pressure exceeds its capacity it will cause the compressor to not pump enough to cause the coil to burn.

– Freon circulation is inhibited

Freon circulation can be inhibited if there is dirt in the system or buckling the pipes and oil that goes into the system. Clogged circulation can be overcome by flushing the Nitrogen or R11 fluid into the system to remove impurities. If this method is not overcome then replace the clogged parts and usually occurs in the capillary pipe

– Factor compressor age

Compressors can wear out or rust due to age factor. The wear that occurs on the compressor can be known by measuring the current and pressure on the suction pipe and the pipes and pipe. The compressor body landing may cause leaking of the compressor.

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