Stock investment can be regarded as an attractive investment instrument. In addition to an easy way of investing, stocks also provide more than just profits or losses for investors. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to jump right in to start investing in stocks like Investructor. In starting a stock investment, learning is a must. Stock investment is an investment instrument that is very different from the others. If a gold investment is enough to understand buying and selling alone, mutual fund investment is enough to understand fund fact sheets, then specify your stock investment is required to know things that you have never heard before. At a minimum, a stock investor can read the issuer’s financial statements and understand what techniques are used in stock investing.

Therefore, for those of you who want to invest in shares, it is obligatory to study stock investment. Studying stocks is certainly not as difficult as studying in school, because stock knowledge can be learned by anyone. Stock investment is a science that can be learned independently. To learn it, there are several items you need. A book about stock investment and videos about stock investing. You can also look for book references on stock investments in bookstores. Apart from books, you can also learn about stock investments through videos on Youtube. Compared to learn it yourself, it is better to learn shares directly face to face with trusted sources.

In investing, investors must receive profit and loss. Dividends are benefits that can be felt by investors saving shares. After buying the same stock regularly every month, saving shares will bear sweet fruit in the form of dividends. A dividend is a corporate action to distribute company profits to its investors. The greater the investor’s shareholding in a company, the greater the dividends obtained. This is the most interesting part to be discussed. Investors can get losses, not a little and can be in large amounts. Losses from stock investments are caused by declining stock prices, either because of deteriorating company performance, industrial conditions that are not conducive, to the recent trade war. To minimize losses in investing stocks, you can try to save shares, because, in the mindset of long-term investors, the decline in shares of a good issuer is only temporary.

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