After strenuous exercise, muscle soreness is common. If you have this, it feels like your body is crushed and eventually you feel lazy to exercise again. So then, actually after exercising you have to recover and prepare to exercise again. It’s not difficult, you can do massage after exercise so that your body recovers quickly. Have you never tried Malama after exercise? As reported on the Men’s Journal page, massage after exercise can speed up muscle recovery. Massage can reduce muscle inflammation that is usually tired or even damaged by exercise. Perhaps you could say this method is similar to how pain relievers work. Research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2015, shows that massage after exercise for about 15 minutes can increase muscle strength. The massage stimulates the muscle fibers to repair themselves immediately until they can be reused.

Besides, reported on the Science Daily page, Professor from Queen University found that massage after exercise can help remove lactic acid which usually causes aches and increases blood flow to the muscles so that the cells in them get enough food. What kind of massage is needed after exercise? According to Libby Sharp, a physiotherapist, and director of a fitness center, says that massage after exercising for at least an hour for optimal effect. That way, massage can reduce muscle inflammation, overcome fatigue, and make the body flexible again. It is better if the massage is done by a trained expert, not just any masseuse. Do a deep massage to release muscle tension. Examples include the type of massage Shiatsu, Thai, Chinese, myofascial release, active release.

Massage before exercise also makes exercise more optimal. Surely the movements of the two are different. Massage before exercise should be done gently. The focus of this massage is different from after training. The focus of this massage is for the production of endorphins to be more motivated during exercise and to relax. This massage should be brief, no more than 30 minutes. Also, add a light warm-up motion to this massage. If you press too hard before training, it can cause pain and muscle stiffness, which can reduce sports performance.

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