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Shipping Scheme Through Global Shipping Program eBay

Shipping Scheme Through Global Shipping Program eBay

As we know, to facilitate eBay sellers in America to ship goods to the world, Ebay franchise provides Global Shipping Program facilities. This program is intended to facilitate eBay sellers who are domiciled in America or have goods located in America, in sending goods to all corners of the world. Many eBay sellers are not knowledgeable enough to ship international goods. Or they understand the rules of international freight but do not bother to take care of it. With this Global Shipping program, the problem can be overcome.

Then how the scheme of use and delivery of goods through the Global Shipping program? Here is the answer:

– When the seller does an item listing, then he will choose this facility on eBay. And when the listing of the goods has appeared, the eBay system will calculate the postage and import charges (taxes and duties) automatically based on the location of the buyer.

– When the buyer buys the item, the buyer will pay the item price, shipping charges and import charges (and notify the shipping address).

– The eBay system will tell sellers to ship their goods to eBay Shipping Center in America.

– Next eBay Shipping center will prepare the package, give your shipping address label, take care of tax payment and send the package to your address.

– Generally, packets will be shipped using FedEx shipping service

So in this system, the seller does not directly send the packet to the buyer’s address as it is in the normal system. eBay shipping center is what sends packets to your address. Some of the things you should know about the Global Shipping Program are:

– We’ve paid the taxes upfront, so no need to pay taxes again when the goods come

– Regardless of the value of the goods we buy, we are required to pay taxes. This is different from the usual system, where taxes are only set for goods/packages priced above $ 50.

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