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SEO Techniques That Are Outdated

SEO Techniques That Are Outdated

Outdated SEO techniques that are still being implemented are choosing topics that are preferred by readers, but not in accordance with the selling products. This is one example of a strategic and unfocused link-bait. The thinking is simple, how to attract many audiences to be interested in reading your website, whatever the topic is, and do product promotion at the end of the article content. To get a new and fresh SEO strategy, you can visit SEO Cherry.

Indeed, it must be admitted that this strategy is quite effective in capturing many audiences, but on the one hand, whether you realize it or not, you can drop your product brand image. People might be interested and click on the title of the article you made. Fill in the contents also made according to the title. But, suddenly, at the end of the article, you enter the promotion of your selling item even if it doesn’t fit the topic being discussed.

Do you think this is good for your selling product branding? Catching the audience, yes, but not for branding. People will tend to skip the promotion section at the end because they consider only an unrelated ad. It would be better for you to create content that suits your product. In this way, the reader will feel more directed from the beginning to the end of the article to buy your product.

In addition, placing keywords on the domain is also an outdated SEO technique. To be in the top rankings of search engines, you can think of making your domain name according to the keywords that are usually entered by internet users. This is indeed still a lot done by some people because they think that this SEO strategy is still valid. Domain names like or can still be found on searches.

In fact, this technique is very outdated and actually eliminates the trust of internet users to click on websites like this. Even though it has the chance to appear on the first page of the search engine, are you sure people will click? The answer is no. This is because today’s internet users are smarter so they can choose which websites are trusted and not.

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