At first glance we might have thought that handing out corporate souvenirs at is a waste of budget activities. Because in general doing promotions using merchandise or souvenirs does not directly increase sales and profits. Moreover, digital marketing trends are currently increasingly popular, making some people argue that promotion in conventional media such as through corporate souvenirs is no longer effective.

Before going any further, let’s compare the concept of what effective marketing is like. In our simple definition, effective is the effort to get maximum results with certain resources. The resources in question can be in the form of capital (money), energy, ideas and so on. In contrast to efficiency, where we try to spend the minimum amount of resources to get certain results.

So a marketing program can be said to be more effective if with the same resources but can achieve more or better results. So actually we really agree with the statement that digital marketing is very helpful in marketing activities in this era. Because digital marketing is proven to be able to reach a wider target audience, quickly and easily. But is it always effective?

We need to realize that in reality digital marketing has not been able to completely replace some of the things that are owned by conventional marketing such as corporate souvenirs. Not all things can be enjoyed digitally, brands need to use other media that can interact directly with consumers. Because brand loyalty is usually created from an experience that is felt directly by consumers.

Therefore both digital and conventional marketing is not something to be debated about which is more effective. Because actually these two media complement each other. It’s just how to determine or choose the most effective promotional media in one situation, that’s what we must understand carefully. From there we can find which media we better use and or what media we can combine both digital and conventional.

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