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Problems That Cause An Outdoor AC Machine Often Turns Off and Irregular Life

Problems That Cause An Outdoor AC Machine Often Turns Off and Irregular Life

Overcoming the problem on an outdoor AC machine that has ON-OFF or often turns off must be analyzed first to find out the cause and how to handle it. An event like this does not only happen to certain brands of AC machines even almost all brands have experienced it. Many aircon repair singapore users still don’t understand that the timer feature is sometimes accidentally squashed so that it becomes active or indeed forgets to turn off the timer. To ensure the timer off feature, the indoor AC machine will not see the timer indicator (lights) flashing. For those who do not understand the settings on the AC remote to turn off the timer, they can do so by removing the socket for 3 to 6 minutes and then replacing it. Next, remove the remote battery and reinstall it to restart. In this way, the AC outdoor problem is turned off if the source of the problem is from the timer feature. Then if the problem continues then it must go to the next analysis.

The thermistor is a device that functions to manage temperature automatically on an AC machine so that if it is damaged then the risk is to cause the AC compressor to live and turn itself off. The best way to test the thermistor is when the thermistor is connected to the controller, do a multimeter check-in VDC mode, then attach the probe cable to the thermistor connection. At room temperature (25 degrees) you will receive 2.5VDC, if you receive 5VDC this means that there is no connection or resistance (ohms) to the thermistor.

If you receive 0 VDC it means that there is a short on the thermistor. There is a controller that works at 3.3V, in this controller when the thermistor decides the current is 3.3 VDC. At room temperature (25 degrees) we get 1.7 VDC, of ??course, the results vary according to the temperature in the room. Reduced air conditioning freon can also trigger engine problems often on off, you can even feel direct cooling cannot take place quickly.

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