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Before Playing The Draw, Know The Best Sweepstakes In The World!

Before Playing The Draw, Know The Best Sweepstakes In The World!

Behind the lottery action in this world of gambling game full of pros and cons has been a lot of gold ink. Starting from its unique history was rejected in several major countries, giving the biggest jackpot prize in the world and others. The lottery is actually the same game with a number based on lucky guess and winning opportunities. This lottery game can be likened to the root of dreams and hope for all the lover. Even now you can play the lottery through online at the lottery website of the world that distribute the greatest prizes are:

US Mega Millions
Speaking of a superpower US caliber is endless. Especially for the lottery affairs this one, namely Mega Millions and Powerball is a giant US Lottery duo in its class. This big game is rumored to dare to give a huge amount of prizes for the lover. For the American people, the name Mega Millions is already familiar in their ears even for the US people who are not fond of playing the lottery though. The game has just set a world record and world lottery history by handing out a $ 648 million jackpot prize plus a European round-trip ticket in March 2012.

US Powerball
If there are a Mega Millions there is definitely Powerball, they are likened to the North Pole and South Pole in the game lottery. What makes this gigantic 2nd lottery game in America so special? What is the chance of winning? What is the dynamism? Or is there any the prize? The answer is all three. When Powerball changed the rules of the lottery game in January 2012, the game got better than before. What was offered was not playing games like double jackpot prizes, bigger winning opportunities and multiplier stages that could double the prize money up to the US $ 2 million. In the mid-year of 2013, Powerball returned “craze” by announcing to the media that he gave a $ 590.5 million jackpot prize in May 2013, just below the nominal jackpot of Mega Millions. But Powerball said it would promise in 2014 that it will hold some changes and will be seen to look more “craze” again.

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