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Nothing Can Affect Bitcoin Prices

Nothing Can Affect Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin is designed to always experience deflation (stock / limited stocking). If we analyze, bitcoin supply will always decrease every 4 years or so-called “Halving Processes”. That is, the amount of Bitcoin to be produced by the blockchain system will be reduced by half. Currently, BTC size may appear every minute is 12.5 BTC only, then after Halving happens, there will be only 6.25 BTC which will appear every minute. This is clearly a perfect design to limit the excessive supply that can make the price of an item go down. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is immune to the economic data of a country, such as inflation, which usually affects the value of the country’s currency. Let’s compare it with fiat money like the US Dollar (USD) which always decreases in value every year because of inflation, which will have an impact on the addition of supply from the currency itself. And with the rumors of interest policy, taxation, and so forth, will affect the country’s currency. Unlike Bitcoin. Things that can affect the price movement is purely supply and demand (supply and demand) from Bitcoin market players only. This can be called a perfect consensus, where price agreements are not “regulated” by anyone, but the market participants themselves. This is why most people today choose to use Bitcoin because it is practical and sophisticated, especially now that there is an ledger wallet Australia that has a major influence on storing Bitcoin in your wallet.

There are two types of digital wallets that you can use, in the form of USB Drive and also in tabbed form and are both practical for you to take with you wherever you go and also highly sophisticated technology that will make sure no one else can access your account and only you have full access to your own account. This will make it easier for you to save your own Bitcoin for long periods of time, for example. With the rapid development of technology, let alone supported by globally accessible internet network, and the many cases of paper currency collapse in various countries in the world such as Greece, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina, trigger global awareness that now is not the time again using the economic system with fiat money. Because vulnerability to the crisis can happen anytime.

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