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Night Photography Techniques

Night Photography Techniques

If you have selected the camera, the next step is to start experimenting. As is known, in the world of photography there are many techniques that you can apply. Even photography tips and tricks can also be easily found on the internet or in photography magazines. Of the many techniques that exist, one of the most sought after by people is the technique of night photography without flash. Apart from that, go to if you need to hire one of the best newborn photographers near your area.

Shooting at night is fun. Because there are many beauties that can be captured by the camera. But because of the lack of light, the camera results are usually unclear or even look too dark. For that, you need a separate trick so that the camera shots become more satisfying and interesting to look at.

Photographic techniques at night without flash are fairly easy. However, with regular practice, you can also do it. Now here is a night photography technique that you can apply:

Night Photo Technique

1. Turn off the automatic flash light setting on the camera and use a tripod to make it more stable.

2. Take pictures by hand without a tripod to conduct experiments. Raise ISO until it gets a shorter shutter speed. See the results of the pictures taken.

3. Setting the camera to have a stable ISO and low shutter settings do take a long time. Try continuing to get the right photo (not too bright or too dark).

4. Manually adjust camera exposure to get a balanced photo result.

5. Use the camera settings with Fireworks format: 1 second f / 2.8, Building Lighting: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8, Subject illuminated by fire: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8, Scene path with normal lighting: 0.5 seconds f / 2.8 , Shop window: 1/8 second f / 2.8, Street view with bright light: 1/15 second f / 2.8 White Balance

6. Pay attention to the casts color that arises, then set the white balance for maximum results.

7. Do it with several experiments with low shutter speed and try pointing at a motorized vehicle that is moving so that you get colorful photos.

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