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Must Try Face Slapping, Technique Flatten Face Moisturizer

Must Try Face Slapping, Technique Flatten Face Moisturizer

For matters of skin care, it seems Asian women have many unique ways and at first, glance look ‘bad’. Not only how to care for it, sometimes the materials used can make you stunned. Well, one way of Asian women skin care that has been popular in recent years and it seems you need to try is a face slapping technique aka ‘slapping the face’. This technique is usually used when applying moisturizer and facial massage. This face-slapping technique is commonly used in massage therapy from Thailand. Face slapping is also used by Japanese and Korean women when using facial moisturizer. Calm down, as long as done right, this slapping technique can make moisturizing more quickly absorb and can reduce the premature aging marks! If you want to give it a try, pay attention to some of the following rules;

Although his name is face slapping, of course not slap his face as hard as it is. You still have to use a soft hand pressure, especially since you use it on the face. The pressure remains, but light. After using the serum or moisturizer, flatten with the fingertips. Not fast, but enough pressure! This pressure will stimulate blood circulation and make the skin healthier. When doing face slapping, the order from where to where ya? It’s good, you rub both hands to create a warm temperature. After that, start from the middle of the face, that is the nose. Pat up to the forehead, then point your finger out to the side temple. From that point, lower the fingers to the cheek, to the side of the lips, then back to the nose. Repeat several times until the serum or moisturizer absorbs perfectly. So do not put the whole face.

Although it is believed to be good for leveling moisturizer and has a firming effect, this face slapping technique does not always match all skin types. Those with sensitive skin tend to be incompatible with this facial flushing technique, because of the feared friction that irritates the skin. What about other facial skin types? Can be tried anyway, but if the skin becomes red, stop trying this face slapping technique.

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