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Logistics Activities On E-Commerce


Good logistics is necessary for business both offline and online. Logistics management in e-Commerce is also indispensable. E-commerce actors here as a seller must understand about the number and type of what goods are left in the warehouse, so as to provide the best for customers. Do not let the info presented on the site was not in accordance with the condition of goods in the warehouse. Surely this can lower the reputation of the morning sellers. Therefore, eCommerce companies should implement supply chain strategies as follows: Easy returns of goods; because shopping is done online, there are times when the items consumers receive are not like their expectations so they want to return it. As a good provider of e-Commerce services, make sure the process of returning goods is not complicated. Fast process in addition to making consumers happy, also facilitates the seller in managing inventory. Implement supply chain software; You should also take advantage of technological developments in managing the supply chain for your e-Commerce. Use special software to help you manage inventory, process orders, see supplier status, and more. With the software, the seller can know the logistics status. Currently, there are many e-commerce actors who use software specifically to manage their supply chain and not a few of them end up using the best logistics service that is

Alternative solutions are needed when things do not work properly. For example, selling goods imported from abroad. To be more secure, look for more than one supplier that provides the same item. This is necessary when there are consumers who buy an item, but the goods run out or never arrived, the seller must face consumer complaints. Therefore, in order for the seller not to lose customers, make sure to have more than one supplier working together. Estimate the right product. We recommend that sellers do not stock more goods than needed. The more goods stored in the warehouse while the goods are not so desirable consumers, it will make the seller lose. Consider carefully how many items are needed. Do not let the wrong seller provide info about the goods in your warehouse. For example, the seller displays item A at a certain discounted price that causes the consumer to be interested and make a purchase. Apparently, his stock is up. Do not disappoint consumers with this. you should keep it updated with whatever stuff you have.

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