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Know Your Pet Hair Cause Often Fall And Stick On The Carpet

Know Your Pet Hair Cause Often Fall And Stick On The Carpet

Pets will certainly make your home atmosphere becomes more fun and not boring. However, the thing you should prepare is that their fur may fall off and contaminate all the fabric that is in your house. For that, you need to use the best bissell carpet cleaner to clean the carpet from the fur of the fallen animal.

To solve the problem of animal hair that falls out and stick to some cloth in your house, you need to know in advance what is the cause of the fall of your pet hair. There are several causes of the fall of their fur, like


1. Excess vitamin
Like vitamin deficiency, the excess vitamin also can cause hair loss and dry skin, crusty and peeling. So make sure that your pet gets the right amount of vitamins and fits the required levels.

2. The cage temperature is too hot
The function of feathers in animals is to protect me from various environmental and disease effects. Feathers also try to regulate body temperature within certain limits. In places with a cold climate, the feathers will be stimulated to grow thicker and longer because it prevents heat loss from the body.

3. Mushrooms
The thick and long fur on your pet also provides a suitable place for the growth of mold on their skin. One skin disease that is often called ringworm is also caused by fog. In addition to cats and dogs, climber can attack humans and cause itching and redness of the skin.

4. Hormonal disorders
Disorders in the production of some hormones can also affect the state of skin and hair. One of the most obvious is baldness that is symmetrical on both sides of the body due to disruption of the adrenal hormone

5. Mites
Most mites live by sucking body fluids contained in the skin, so eventually, the skin is dead and dry due to lack of fluids and nutrients. Mites such as Demodex and Scabies often attack dogs or cats.

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