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Keep Your Paintings With Fresh Bread!

Keep Your Paintings With Fresh Bread!

Painting is an ornament that you can put almost every room even the corner of your house. You can put paintings in the living room, living room, living room, even in your bathroom to create a slightly different feel than usual. However, is there any specific type of painting that you are like the most? Is that an abstract painting? Or is that a view painting? Probably we often heard about that kind of paintings, but did you know that there is a kind of painting that can really soothe your soul besides to beautify your dwelling? Paintings that can calm your soul are not only in the form of images but also the quote of life, like the painting of christian wall art. You can directly visit the website at to see the available collection of wall art.

Apart from that, there is a separate way to treat a number of paintings of your favorite painters. It is by using fresh bread. All paintings that use oil paints are treated with fresh bread. However, the question is why should be fresh bread? Yes, fresh bread is used to absorb the dust that sticks.

How to use bread to clean the dust on the painting is different from a soft cloth or soft brush. The trick is to hold the bread, then run on the surface of the painting. Should not be pressed, so just between sticking and not, later dust will be absorbed. After the whole surface of the painting is rubbed with fresh bread until clean, the next process is to apply a special chemical liquid to protect the color of the painting so as not to fade.

Although it is not known that this is the best way or not because there is no research about it. However, all oil paintings that treated like that, the condition are still in good until now and did not even have any significant color changes. The color of the painting looks original, nothing is broken.

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