Up to 60 percent of the people do not wash their hands at all after leaving the bathroom. Meanwhile, from 40 percent who wash their hands, only 10-15 percent wash their hands with soap. Even though hand washing after toileting, be it a private toilet or public toilet, is very important for health. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways you can avoid various infectious diseases. Apart from that, hire the best servicios generales when you wish to maintain the excellent hygiene of your public toilets.

Wash hands after from the toilet to prevent the spread of disease

One of the easiest ways of transmitting the disease is through touch. Because the hand is one of the most comfortable houses for bacteria, germs, and does not rule out the possibility of viruses that cause infectious diseases. About 5,000 bacteria inhabit your hands every time. Therefore, touching hands, both directly with other people’s skin and holding objects, can be a means of spreading bacteria.

Not washing hands after from the bathroom is one way of spreading infectious diseases that are often not realized. The example is this: You are experiencing diarrhea, and then you defecate and do not wash your hands afterward. Next, you shake hands with other people. After that, the person rubbed his eyes or ate using his hands without washing hands. The person can experience the same infection or infection in another part due to the transfer of bacteria from you through touch.

Human or animal feces are dangerous fields of germs such as E.coli and norovirus which cause diarrhea. Human feces can also spread some airborne infections like adenovirus disease. There are many other pathogens that can be transmitted through hands that are not washed after using the toilet, such as flu, hepatitis A, bronchiolitis, to meningitis. One gram of human waste can contain one trillion germs. They can creep into your hands after you clean up after defecating or changing baby diapers. Imagine if the bacteria that you were transporting from feces joined the bacteria that had stayed in the hand for a long time? That would be very harmful to your health.

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