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Instagram as Online Shop Medium

Instagram as Online Shop Medium

Social media Instagram may already be familiar with the community. Since it was launched in 2010, one of the social media that is loved by young people is growing rapidly to date. By prioritizing the posting service through photos and videos, Instagram is not only used as a medium for simply having fun but also now used by many businesses as land for profit. Yes, online shop has now been using Instagram as a medium to promote their merchandise. Until the year 2015, is no longer counted a number of the online shops that use Instagram as media. And it’s very easy to find. You can visit our website to get more instagram follower.

So if true Instagram is an effective medium to promote the online shop? Here are some of the advantages offered by Instagram:

1. Not Paid

To use Instagram, you do not have to pay, just simply download or can also directly open the site. Unlike if using the website as an online media shop, of course, have to rent the domain in advance with the cost varies. Therefore, for beginner online business shop it is better to choose social media Instagram class than a website.

2. Widely used

As described above, since it was released in 2010, Instagram users in the world are getting more and more to date. This is certainly a land that is profitable for the online shop business to start marketing their products through Instagram.

3. Easy to use

The convenience offered by Instagram makes it a medium that quickly attracts the public interest to use it. Posting photos or videos, follow, comment, give likes, to searching as well as hashtags can be done very easily.

4. Easy promotion

By using Instagram, you can do various ways of promotion very easily. For example, by using hashtags, using endorsement services, or also paid promote/shout programs methods.

5. Main media in the form of photos

As a social media, that is superior in terms of posting through photos, making this media provides the look and quality of good photos, which of course is very suitable for media campaigns online shop that usually relies heavily on product photos.

6. Connections with other social media

Excess Instagram that provides connections with several social media, making its own convenience for the online shop business. So you can save time because you do not have to post many times on other social media.

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