You don’t necessarily have to match colours exactly when you’re pairing tiles for your backsplash, but ensuring that colours blend well throughout the space is important. A general rule that many interior designers might suggest is to stick with the same hue of the colour of the backsplash tile. For example, if you cabinets are white, you might want to go with a lighter colour tile for your backsplash. In contrast, if your cabinets are darker, installing darker coloured tiles will blend nicely and will avoid any disconnection. Tying the cabinets and tiles together will blend them nicely.

The size of your backsplash tile is also important. Placing tiles that are too large in a very small kitchen can make the backsplash seem awkward and overbearing. On the other hand, installing tiles that are way too small for the size and scale of a large kitchen will make the backsplash seem messy and too busy. Matching the size of the tile to the size and scale of your kitchen will create a uniform look.

Of course, whatever tile you choose will have to be within your budget. You could have a thousand ideas of the type of tile you like, but if it’s out of your budget, there’s no sense entertaining that thought anymore. However, there are many options available that mimic certain tiles which are much more affordable. For example, instead of the expensive marble, there are other materials that mimic the look of marble for a fraction of the price. A skilled interior designer will be able to make the most inexpensive material look like a million bucks. It’s all about how the materials are used that will make all the difference in your backsplash. If you need some help designing a chic kitchen, you need to get expert help from

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