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Human Activities That Can Cause Damage to Coral Reefs

Human Activities That Can Cause Damage to Coral Reefs

Conservation of coral reefs is now the main plan for countries that have a wealth of marine ecosystems. This is because many coral reefs are damaged. Even though coral reefs can provide additional income for the country from the tourism sector. Many ways are done so that people are aware of the importance of marine ecosystems. One of them is through tour swim with whale sharks. This is a swim tour with whale sharks on the high seas and supervised by professional workers who have mastered the whale sharks. This tour does not interfere with the life of whale sharks at all. In fact, they introduced how the state of the marine ecosystem to tourists to have the awareness to maintain growth.

Damage to coral reefs is usually caused by human behavior that selfishly wants to take as much profit as possible without thinking of the consequences. The following are some of the causes of damage to coral reefs by human activity:

– Continuous fishing activities and coral reef biota with excessive amounts. As a result of the decrease in the number and diversity of species that are not ideal, the coral reef resources become quickly depleted and biological imbalances occur.

– Use of poisons and explosives in capturing coral reefs and marine life around them. Unfortunately, almost all the locations of coral reefs use many destructive trapping methods. In fact, this makes coral reefs destroyed and dead, besides being able to make fish and another biota that are not the target of catches, they are also badly affected.

– The existence of pollution and lubrication due to development in coastal areas whose numbers are out of control. Logging of forests and plants that are carried out along the riverbanks can cause dislocation that occurs in the coral reef area. This is what can kill this ecosystem.

– Utilization of fish that inhabit coral reefs and another biota as ornamental fish, and carried out excessively. Marine aquariums can be considered a very profitable business. However, if this utilization is not done carefully and there is no continuous monitoring, it can result in serious damage to coral reefs.

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